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Boringness wants to kill Lapinou by all means, but Lapinou is immortal! To get out of this mess, Lapinou will have to escape Boringness’s dungeon by playing with his own immortality!



WASD or Arrow Keys : Move

Mouse: Look around

Right-click: Switch control between Body / Arm

Left-click (body): Assemble the two body parts.

Spacebar: Jump

(Controller - XBox)

Left Joystick: Move

Right Joystick: Look Around

X Button: Switch control between Body / Arm

B Button (body): Assemble the two body parts

A Button: Jump

Works only on PC. Download and launch "LapinouQuatre.exe" and Have fun !!

Install instructions

Unzip and launch LapinouQuatre.exe.


Lapinou.zip 161 MB

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